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CityPup is an e-commerce small business specializing in subscription boxes for eco-friendly toys, healthy treats, and accessories. This startup was established in 2020. My role was to develop and maintain a design language across iOS and website. 

User Research, prototyping, UI design. 


  • Perform user research to understand the user's pain points and needs.

  • Map the journey to prioritize the main user group according to their needs and wants.

  • Rapid prototyping different solutions to test with the users. ​​

  • Take UI audit of the existing website, document everything, and build a new design system (based on existing style). 

Project Overview 

Design system 

User Research 

Here are some of the main points of concern I found that users faced. 

Users do not like that the unsubscription button is hidden 

The About me page does not give me much information on the owner. 

Users do not like that the unsubscription button is hidden. 

How do you compare with your competitors?

Collecting quantitative and qualitative data from interviews and market research. I defined three target audience profiles. Belle (Pursuing Masters, 27), Milo (Student, 18), and Max (Senior Software Developer, 40)  

Milo Persona
Bella Persona
Max Persona


Before the rebranding of CityPup, I was responsible for conducting a rapid prototype from mid to high fidelity. 

After conducting competitor analysis, I chose to desgin a simple and intuitive layout. This layout is one that clearly resonated most with users.

UI Element 

color pallete.PNG

Documenting initial UI element before rebranding. 

Button puppycit.PNG

Design System 

  • After our clients approved my high-fidelity, the next step would have been to prepare for a hand-off to the developers. However, clients decided to rebrand their company before going further with building their internal design system. 

  • Their new website redesign did not have a living document containing a design file, documentation hub, and codebase for their internal use.

  • Since I wasn't involved in their rebranding, I decided to build their design system by auditing their new website. 

Due to non-disclosure agreements with CityPup, I am limited in showing the rest of the web applications and mockups, as they contain sensitive information and architecture.

If you'd like more information, feel free to contact me at


🎉  It is my pleasure to work with CityPup. I'm gaining real-time experience with how UX fits within an agile process.  

🎉  Going forward, I have asked to be involved in any further rebrandings of the website giving me a heads up on the oncoming changes, and allowing me to update the documentation in a timely manner.   

🎉  I enjoyed their new website and learned a lot from the consulting UX Designer who was brought on board.

🎉 As the clients are working to ensure that the website is accessible and intuitive to the users, the site is constantly changing to reflect their mission. This made it hard for me to audit the website, but now that I'm involved in the rebranding, it is no longer an issue. 

🎉  Although the client understood the importance of the design system, collaborating with everyone was initially hard. As a startup company, CityPup had lots of moving parts, but eventually, we figured out a system that worked for us. This system along, with weekly update meetings, resolved all major communication issues.  

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